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Formed in 1998, the awesome Queen tribute band, God Save the Queen, has been entertaining audiences globally and making fans wonder, “Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?”

God Save The Queen is definitely real. Their name is based upon the United Kingdom’s national anthem – meaningful because it would be played at the end of each live Queen show while the band took their bows to the audience. In Spanish, the band’s name is Dios Salve a la Reina.

This four-piece band hails from Argentina and has performed on stages in North America, Europe, and beyond. God Save The Queen’s stage performance, stage presence, sound, and costumes closely resemble a typical Queen performance during the 1980s.

Vocalist Pablo Padin performs and sings his role passionately as Freddie Mercury. The talented musicians in the band pay a virtually flawless tribute as well – Guitarist Francisco Calgaro, drummer Matias Albornoz and bassist Ezequiel Tibaldo.

Over the years, God Save the Queen has played in large venues, parks and arenas. They made audiences cheer at Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires, at the Via Funchal theatre in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, at the Mathew Street Festival (Liverpool) in the United Kingdom, Germany and even India.

God Save the Queen follows the Queen history from their beginnings in 1973 to their latest album, “Made In Heaven”, released after Freddie Mercury´s death in 1991. This may be exactly the closest to Queen one can ever get! With the true original sound and the amazing look-a-like / sound-a-like of Pablo Padín in the role of Freddie Mercury, this band brings some of the greatest moments in rock history vividly back to life.

In 2007, the band met Queen’s Management and Freddie Mercury´s own mother. While earning awesome reviews, Queen’s original Tour Manager, Phil Murphy said, “They are as good as the real thing.”

In 2009, the band was invited to tour with the legendary rock band Deep Purple. Roger Glover, Deep Purple bassist had said, “Something magic happened in music during the 70s, and that’s why the future of music are cover bands of legendary groups like Queen, Led Zeppelin, or Pink Floyd. Undoubtedly Dios Salve a la Reina / God Save the Queen is one of the best tribute bands ever.”

God Save the Queen showcases great live vocals and tight sets of all the favorite Queen songs. This band is wonderful for casino events, huge outdoor festivals, concert venues, prestigious private events, and renowned night clubs. This is one dynamic show and a perfect fit when ultimate entertainment is needed.



The Greatest Tribute ever. — Rolling Stone Magazine
As good as the real thing. — Queen Tour Manager
The best Tribute of all Tributes. — Bill Heckle (Mathew Street Festival - UK)
Freddie should be proud. — El Pais Newspaper (Spain)
It’s a kind of magic. — Liverpool Echo



Bohemian Rhapsody


Don’t Stop Me Now




Radio Ga Ga


Somebody To Love


We Are The Champions


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