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This multi-day event will exceed your wildest expectations. If you’ve had a successful Elvis Tribute Artist Show before, you will find this event 3 times as profitable. The E.P. Expo is packed with three days of performances, a weekend kickoff party, sock hop dances, “meet and greets”, Q&A sessions with celebrity guests, a world-wide tribute contest, vendors, and showcase productions with some of the top Elvis Tribute Artists in the World with unsurpassed fan involvement. Sold out performances are normal and it is not uncommon for the local hotels to become completely booked also. Buyer responsibilities are held to a minimum so this show is easy on every budget, and rider requirements are surprisingly modest. If you have had an Elvis Tribute Artist Show before – do not discount the E.P. Expo. This is a show unlike any other you have ever seen!

The E.P. Expo has quickly become one of the greatest tribute festivals in the World completely dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll. Presley Productions has been committed to ensuring that this incredible weekend is one of the most memorable and sought after events known to Elvis fans. With huge crowds in attendance, there are plenty of shows, events and parties to keep everyone coming back for more. This three day tribute has it all!



The E.P. Expo was the most profitable multi-day event we have ever had at our Casino! — Jay Blum (Marketing Director - Cocopah Casino - Somerton, AZ


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