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Debi Gutierrez is on a mission to improve relationships “one laugh at a time”. She’s a whirlwind of energy on stage as she blazes through common issues that every couple experiences but with a unique twist — she doesn’t alienate men!

During her 17-year career, she’s gone from high-school teacher to international performer and is a regular at premiere comedy clubs in Los Angeles and around the country. Debi has appeared on Lifetime, Showtime, ABC, PAX, NBC, CBS, HBO, GSN, E!, NickJr, and much more!

Once nicknamed “The Mommy Comic”, Debi’s comedy act switched gears when the kids started to leave for college. She had an epiphany sitting across from her husband at dinner one night. She began a quest to rebuild the intimacy and bond that had originally forged their union and learned volumes of insight along the way. Then, she turned that insight into a 45-minute show about strong, sexy marriages and relationships.

During her shows, Debi disassembles and then explains the “language of love” spoken by men to waves of laughter and agreement – regardless of age or demographic. Women in the audience react with head nods and resounding cries of agreement at Debi’s pointed honesty about what women go through.

Debi has performed at festivals, events, and stand-up comedy clubs around the country. She has won awards over her career such as the Peabody Award and Parents’ Choice Award. She has even been nominated for three Emmy’s. Debi Gutierrez puts on a show that is an upbeat crowd pleaser, and also uses her talents as guest host and can be the auctioneer for charity events. Her act is perfect for casinos, comedy clubs, theaters, and special events.



Wow! Boy do you put on a heck of a show! We have had many calls and emails from people raving about the show. Thanks for taking the time to be part of our Laugh for the Cure. We appreciate your support of this event and cause. — Ashley Hamm (Susan G. Komen for the Cure)
As the kick-off party for the NAFEM show, the event proved to be exactly what we planned, opening the show for 500 international, most valued customers in a fun and entertaining way. Your work as the master of ceremonies combined with your stand-up show; created a pleasant, upbeat atmosphere for the whole event. — Mika Haltunen (Chairman of the Board, Halton Group, Ltd.), Orlando FL.




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