If laughter were the law, Tommy Savitt would throw the book at you.

Well, maybe not. But he will make you laugh out loud.

Quitting law school to become a comedian may not be considered the best career choice, but for Tommy, it was the right one. Born in New Jersey and raised in Brooklyn, Tommy has survived the school of hard knocks to craft comedic routines that leaves audiences cringes and grins – and a lot of laughing.

His law background helps him take logic and break it down in order to make people laugh at just about anything. Tommy is a multi-award winning comedian whose slow and simple delivery on stage makes him a crowd favorite while he mixes education and sarcasm with comedic wit.

A working comedian for over 20 years, he has been seen on WGN’s ​​The Bob & Tom Show, SI TV’s ​​F​​unny is Funny, Comcast’s ​​Boston Comedy Festival, National Lampoon,​ ​​Man Up Stand Up on ​MAVTV​,​ and on JLTV’s ​​James and Sunda. ​​As an actor he has many commercial and stage credits, including appearances in commercials for Adidas,, and Lowe’s​,​ and starred as Horatio in ​​Love’s Labours Lost at the Expanded Arts Theatre in New York City. His CD “Who Wants Me Now!” is one of the top requested comedic segments on satellite radio.

“They recognize me once they hear my voice”, Savitt says of the multitudes who listen to his clips several times each week on Sirius/XM’s Blue Collar Comedy satellite radio stations. “Some people are flying or driving from other states to catch my show. I am truly blessed.”

Tommy has been recognized in the comedy industry having won the Boston Comedy Festival in 2007 and the Seattle Comedy competition in 2008. He was also honored with Best in Comedy category at the 2009 LA Comedy Awards.

Having a heart as well as a funny bone, Tommy has dedicated much of his time​ performing for our troops here and abroad. This has taken him to military bases in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Japan, South Korea, Bahrain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Curacao, Honduras, and Ecuador. He has even performed at the United States Embassy in Belarus.

From blue collar comedy to his newly found “Tommy Lama” persona, Tommy​ Savitt is an entertaining and funny comedic act for performances at events, casinos, festivals, fundraisers, night clubs, colleges, theaters, and comedy venues across the country. Tommy’s act is clean, corporate appropriate, and hilarious. His universal style will appeal to everyone at your club or event.


Tommy is a beacon of light for a New Age of comedy.David Feldman (3x Emmy Award winning Comedy Writer and Radio Host)

One of the funniest and most unique acts I’ve ever seen. A classic character comic with an edgy, contemporary energy. Tommy Savitt will kill you dead.Amber Rae Bernhardt (Executive Director of the Dakota Stage Limited)

Tommy Savitt is one of the most uniquely creative comics working today.Brian Kiley (Writer for the Conan O'Brien Show)

Tommy Savitt is a true original. I used to think he was from another planet, now I understand he is from a hilarious plane. The Tommy Savitt will help you locate and connect with your funnybone.Jim McCue (Producer of the Boston Comedy Festival)

Great for corporate clients.Dave Dennison (Owner of Laughs Comedy Spot)



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