“Rock the Dock” featuring the original artists in concert playing some of the most iconic hits from one of Rock’s greatest eras.

Ambrosia, Al Stewart, Gary Wright, John Ford Coley and Peter Beckett (The Voice of Player) will come together for a magical night performing all of their 1970’s and 1980’s Billboard Top 40 Hits.

These songs are the soundtrack to a generation. Today’s so called smooth yacht rock music scene would not be yacht rock without the contributions of these Grammy winning artists. What emerged primarily from southern California during one of the greatest periods of music is a classic rock radio staple across the United States. You cannot turn on the radio without hearing many of these songs every day. As younger generations of music fans fall in love and embrace these classic rock/soft rock hits, everyone realizes that these songs are becoming bigger now than at any time since their heyday which by common consent stretched between 1976 and 1983. Get ready to ROCK THE DOCK!


Ambrosia, the band known and loved by a multitude of fans since the 1970’s, is now more alive and compelling than ever. This 5-time Grammy Nominated ensemble is exploring new musical territory and bringing an exceptional musical performance to stages everywhere.

Al Stewart

Al Stewart is a legendary singer/songwriter best known for his hits “Year of the Cat” from the Platinum album of the same name and the Platinum follow up album “Time Passages”. A story telling connoisseur, Stewart has an iconic style that blends original music with finely woven tales of unique characters and historical events.

Gary Wright

Gary Wright

Gary Wright was challenging audiences with pioneering instrumentation and cutting-edge keyboard technology as far back as the late 70’s. His ground-breaking 1975 release “The Dream Weaver” stretched the pop music envelope. By 1976 his song “Dream Weaver” hit #1 in the charts. His next hit single “Love is Alive” climbed to #2.

John Ford Coley

John Ford Coley

John Ford Coley is most revered as half of the Grammy nominated duo England Dan and John Ford Coley. Churning out many memorable hits during this era, some of John Ford Coley’s songs are: “Love Is The Answer”, “Gone Too Far”, “I’d Really Love To See You Tonight”, “We’ll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again”, “Nights Are Forever Without You”, and “Sad To Belong”.

Peter Beckett

Peter Beckett

Peter Beckett, known as “The Voice of Player”, is the original lead singer and songwriter of the band Player. Player was voted by Billboard Magazine’s honor roll as Best New Single Artist for 1978 for their international #1 hit “Baby Come Back”. As a follow up on the record charts, Beckett and Player also enjoyed great success with their hit “This Time I’m In It For Love”.


  1. Biggest Part Of Me Ambrosia 5:49
  2. How Much I Feel Ambrosia 6:07
  3. Year of the Cat Al Stewart 6:40
  4. Time Passages Al Stewart 6:43
  5. Dream Weaver Gary Wright 0:30
  6. Love Is Alive Gary Wright 0:30
  7. I'd Really Love to See You Tonight John Ford Coley 2:38
  8. Love is the Answer England Dan & John Ford Coley 4:45
  9. Baby Come Back Peter Beckett (Player) 3:56



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