Funny and on point, Mo’Nique brings out the laughs from the stage to the audience every time.

Monique Angela Hicks is known professionally as Mo’Nique. This American professional comedian and actress was born in Baltimore, Maryland. As the daughter of engineer Alice Imes and drug counselor Steven Imes, Jr., she is the youngest of four children. She got her start in comedy at the downtown Baltimore Comedy Factory Outlet – after her brother had dared her to perform at an open mic night. She has since been a powerhouse of comedy and acting on stage and in film.

While making her name as a stand-up comedian and hosting a variety of venues, Monique first gained fame for her role as Nicole “Nikki” Parker in the television series “The Parkers” that aired on UPN. Mo’Nique soon transitioned to movies with roles in such films as “Phat Girlz” and “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins”. In 2002, she earned a Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album, and in 2005 she played a significant role in the thriller “Domino”.

In 2009 Mo’Nique garnered critical praise for her role as the abusive Mary Lee Johnston in the film “Precious” – for which she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. The role also won her the Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize and the African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) Best Supporting Actress Award – with first ever unanimous vote in an acting category. Moreover, she received a Screen Actors Guild Award, Independent Spirit Award, and the BAFTA Award – as well as “Best Supporting Actress” awards from the Stockholm International Film Festival and 16 different Critics Associations from across the county. Time magazine ranked Mo’Nique’s outstanding performance as the “Best Female Performance of 2009.

Mo’Nique’s first play was in 2002 as part of the first all black celebrity cast to perform Eve Ensler’s Obie Award-winning production “The Vagina Monologues”. In 2009, she hosted her own show, “The Mo’Nique Show”, which was a late-night talk show on BET that lasted until 2011. She later starred in Patrik-Ian Polk’s drama film, “Blackbird” as Claire Rousseau. Monique also received rave reviews and earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination in 2015 for her performance as Ma Rainey in the HBO biopic “Bessie”. Also in 2015, she and her husband, Sidney Hicks, were executive producers of the film, “Interwoven”, a simple real-life story of 15 people that gives viewers a chance to look at things like homelessness, depression, and addiction.

Drama and award-winning acting aside, Mo’Nique the comedian will have audiences rolling in laughter. Mo’Nique considers herself a stand-up comedian first and foremost – she just happens to be a stand-up comedian who has won an Oscar.

Mo’Nique’s brand of comedy is for adult audiences that are ready for her funny and often raunchy stories. Her haughty and naughty persona is entertaining and her laughter is infectious. Her show is perfect for theaters, concert halls, casino shows, comedy clubs, nightclubs, and special appearance performances.



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