Live And Let Die is an amazing tribute to the music of Paul McCartney. It is a full multimedia live concert production with state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and visual appeal. The critically-acclaimed show features Tony Kishman, who has performed to thrilled audiences around the world.

This visually accurate recreation sets high performance standards as it celebrates the enduring music of Paul McCartney. Fans cheer and dance to hit songs from the Beatles catalog and Paul McCartney’s solo works. No one can resist singing along to “Hey Jude”, “Penny Lane”, “Live and Let Die”, “Yesterday”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Let It Be”, “Got to Get You Into My Life”, and many more beloved songs.

Tony Kishman has often been hailed by the media as “The Quintessential Paul McCartney”. He is one of the world’s best McCartney look-alikes, who sounds amazingly like the real Paul as well. The full-stage musical performance is supported by a very talented and professional group of musicians – selling out major venues across the country. From the first song to the last, countless standing ovations come naturally.

Performing his award winning tribute to the most successful band of all time, Tony has toured around the globe for more than a decade to bring the music and the magic of both the Beatles and Paul McCartney to a new generation. For six years he starred in the national and international tours of Broadway’s smash hit musical, “Beatlemania”, and he also performs in the International Symphonic Beatles production, “Classical Mystery Tour”.

Highly talented, detailed, and professional, Live And Let Die will fill your venue with awesome music and thrill your audiences. This musical stage show is perfect for casino entertainment, concert halls, theaters, arenas, outdoor festivals, major events, and large music venues.


Tony Kishman sounds like Paul McCartney!Sir George Martin, Beatles Producer

Great Musician!Sir James Paul McCartney

Watching Tony Kishman perform as Paul McCartney is as close as you can get to seeing Sir Paul himself.Danny Heller (Gayle Force Enterprises)

Tony Kishman is the quintessential Paul McCartney.The Long Island Advance

I can’t imagine a better interpreter of the music of Paul McCartney than Tony Kishman. Tony is a total pro: consistently reliable, great collaborator, excellent musician and great entertainer. It’s always a pleasure to watch him wow the audience.Michael Krajewski (Music Director & Conductor)

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Kishman’s is the highest of compliments. In addition to sounding alike, he looks like Paul and plays a Höfner hollow-body electric bass.Rob Laney (Theater Jones, Fort Worth Texas)



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