Just Dave Band is a traveling Rock, Country, and Soul band from Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. The Just Dave Band plays classic hits from the 60’s to the 90’s. The music blends rhythm with soulful harmonica and gets each audience swaying and dancing.

Dave Bernal has played harmonica on the stages of American Idol and 30 Seconds to Fame. His harmonica sounds are also featured on the new Discovery Channel series, “Sons of Guns”, and on numerous regional and national albums.

Just Dave Band will entertain you with just the right amount of great music and soul.

Growing up in the Northern California small town of Grass Valley, Dave experienced country living, with a little hippie community attitude mixed in. It’s probably what shaped his sound. The combination of Dave’s big voice – backed by a Rock and Blues charged band – brings a new twist to the classic country sound.

Dave will get your crowd’s attention with his songwriting, too. The new sound of the Just Dave Band combines the Blues, Country, and Rock with true stories of heartbreak. Many songs are a tribute to the “Laurel Canyon sound” made famous by singers and songwriters of the 1960s.

The Just Dave Band presents a foot-stomping and crowd-pleasing show for all ages. In a dance hall, the group plays a wide variety of classic and contemporary Country and Blues that is sure to please all types of dancers.

Professional and fun, Just Dave band will fill your venue with great music. This band is perfect for casino entertainment, special events, festivals, music venues, and large concert halls.


  1. California Wildfire Just Dave Band 3:54
  2. It's Only Life Just Dave Band 4:20
  3. My Old Crummy Life Just Dave Band 6:17
  4. Shine A Light Just Dave Band 4:52



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