Often performing with John Denver’s own former band members, Jim Curry’s Tribute to the Music of John Denver is a heartfelt and moving performance that gets audiences swaying, clapping, and smiling.

John Denver was the hit singer-songwriter of multi-platinum hits like “Rocky Mountain High,” “Annie’s Song” and “Calypso” He was also a beloved environmental and humanitarian activist. Jim Curry believes that John Denver’s words still ring true in these difficult times of war and environmental crisis.

The untimely death of John Denver’s in 1997 was a tragedy that was felt the world over. CBS television responded by producing a made for TV movie, “Take Me Home, the John Denver Story” in which Jim Curry performed off-camera role singing as the voice of John Denver. This experience inspired Jim to perform his John Denver tribute concerts.

Jim is not just an impersonator. Jim sings in his own natural voice, to the music in pure honesty. His looks and his voice are simply a pleasant coincidence that captures the true essence of John Denver’s music.

Jim delivers John’s songs with the same heartfelt care and desire to make a difference. As the concerns of global warming and other environmental issues reach today’s youth, Curry sees a growing number of younger listeners enjoying Denver’s musical message.

Curry says, “These songs blend the images of our natural earth with a love for each other as people. The care you give to someone you love is the best care. Making that connection to our earth and to each other is the goal.”

Whether Jim is performing with a symphony orchestra, with his talented band, or all by himself, his voice – combined with dramatic images of nature – is an unforgettable show that will fill up the room and the hearts of the audience.

Professional and talented, Jim Curry as John Denver is a great tribute to the “Country Boy”. He gets the audience singing along and dancing to the all the great iconic songs. His show is perfect for special events, nightclubs, performing arts centers, and festivals.


As John Denver’s former drummer and percussionist, working with Jim Curry has kept alive for me how it was playing with John. Jim has stayed true to John’s music and vision. It is a pleasure working with Jim and Anne Curry.Richie Gajate Garcia (John Denver's Percussionist)

I cannot wait for our market to hear Jim’s voice; it truly is spot-on and a beautiful tribute to John’s music.Lori Kirby (Marketing Director – Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc, WI)

It was an amazing evening. We have had many different performers at our conferences; The Beach Boys, Tony Bennett, Three Dog Night, America. Jim Curry ranks among these acts. I would book Jim and his band again in a heartbeat.Daniel Young (Corporate Function, Keystone, CO)

It was a heavenly evening of beautiful music, a shining tribute to John Denver, one of which I believe Denver himself would salute. Jim Curry looked much like John Denver, sounded much like John Denver, but was himself. Yet, the influence of John Denver’s music in his life was much in evidence and most appreciated by the audience.R.V. Hight (The Sanford Herald – Greensboro, NC)


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