Who is the greatest band in rock history – The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Renowned tribute performers, Abbey Road and Jumping Jack Flash, bring a powerful multimedia show to your stage for fans of both legendary bands.

For decades, the battle has raged within musical circles. Throughout each band’s history, fans have accused each one of copying one another. Now, the infamous rock and roll rivalry can be performed live on stage! “Beatles vs. Stones – A Musical Show Down” is fun, entertaining, and brings talented musicians together for an unforgettable night.

Were the Stones yelling for “Help” to fight the songwriting prowess of Lennon and McCartney? Were The Beatles crying “Gimme Shelter” from the relentless sonic barrage of the Jagger and Richards classics?

Many have noted that fierce competition fueled the creative output of both bands during the 1960’s. Now fans can enjoy the rock star tension between two tribute acts of equally entertaining performances. The Rolling Stones were often considered to be original punks, while The Beatles came upon the scene as mods more so than rockers.

“Beatles vs. Stones – A Musical Show Down” is the ultimate battle of the bands. The show pits the mop tops against the bad boys. It’s like London against Liverpool. Only one band shall emerge victorious. No matter who wins, the audience will be to be dazzled by the fantastic music, iconic wardrobe, and spot on performances.

The talented members of Abbey Road and Jumping Jack Flash have taken great care to recreate the experience of these incredible bands to please casual music fans as well as genre purists.

They capture the imagination and the raw energy of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones in their prime and beyond. This rich showcase returns fans to the musical genius of these international superstars.

Professional, talented, and highly detailed, “Beatles vs. Stones – A Musical Show Down” will fill your venue with great music and get the audience dancing, singing, and screaming. This stage show is perfect for casino entertainment, music venues, theatres, outdoor festivals, major events, and large concert halls.


Electrifying show!O.C. Register

The most unique Tribute Show in decades.L.A. Times

The crowd was on their feet screaming the entire time!Idaho Statesman

If you missed The Beatles and The Rolling Stones live, here is your second chance.San Clemente Times


  1. She Loves You Beatles 0:54
  2. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band Beatles 1:16
  3. Hey Jude Beatles 1:33
  4. I Saw Her Standing There Beatles 3:03
  5. Get Back Beatles 3:09
  6. I Want To Hold Your Hand Beatles 2:29
  7. Twist and Shout Beatles 2:30
  8. Start Me Up Stones 0:42
  9. Satisfaction Stones 0:46
  10. Miss You Stones 0:43
  11. Jumping Jack Flash Stones 0:58
  12. Honky Tonk Woman Stones 0:37
  13. Brown Sugar Stones 0:49
  14. Beast of Burden Stones 0:43



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